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Zinc finger protein ZFAT

The ZFAT gene encodes a transcription factor that is associated with autoimmune thyroid disease such as Hashimoto thyreoiditis and Grave disease.


Clinic Method Carrier testing
Turnaround 5 days
Specimen type genomic DNA
Research Method Genomic sequencing of the entire coding region
Turnaround 25 days
Specimen type genomic DNA
Clinic Method Massive parallel sequencing
Turnaround 25 days
Specimen type genomic DNA

Related Diseases:

Susceptibility to autoimmune thyroid disease 3



Sakai K et. al. (2001) Identification of susceptibility loci for autoimmune thyroid disease to 5q31-q33 and Hashimoto's thyroiditis to 8q23-q24 by multipoint affected sib-pair linkage analysis in Japanese.


Shirasawa S et. al. (2004) SNPs in the promoter of a B cell-specific antisense transcript, SAS-ZFAT, determine susceptibility to autoimmune thyroid disease.


Tsunoda T et. al. (2010) Immune-related zinc finger gene ZFAT is an essential transcriptional regulator for hematopoietic differentiation in blood islands.

Update: Sept. 26, 2018