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Hypophosphatemia is plasma phosphorus concentration above the normal range (~0.8-1.45mmol/L or 2.4-4.5mg/dL). Prolonged hyperphosphatemia may cause calciosis.


G a1 Oral intake 1400mg/d b1 Bone b0 Bowel a1->b0 a6 Bone resorption 210mg/d b1->a6 a0 Extracellular fluid plasma concentration 0,8-1,44 mmol/l a5 Bone building 210mg/d a5->b1 a6->a0 a4 Enteral secretion 210mg/d a4->b0 a7 Renal  filtration 6000-7000mg/d b2 Kidney a7->b2 a0->a5 a0->a4 a0->a7 a3 Enteral resorption 1120mg/d b0->a3 a2 Enteral excretion 490mg/d b0->a2 a8 Renal reabsorption 4800-6300mg/d b2->a8 a9 Renal excretion 1,4-1400mg/d b2->a9 a3->a0 a8->a0
Phosphate metabolism


Hyperphosphatemic familial tumoral calcinosis
Hyperphosphatemia is the result of dysregulation of renal phosphat handling with increased reabsorption.
Update: April 29, 2019