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The information provided on this website is meant to assist in planning molecular genetic diagnostic decisions. It is composed at our best knowledge at creation time though it might be outdated in some parts, so you are encouraged to use other sources as well. Links are provided.

Also, this website goes far beyond a mere presentation of our products. We try to provide an as comprehensive as possible source of information to advance molecular genetic and medical knowledge. Therefore we appreciate your contribution and any suggestions to improve this information.

Next, some hints on best practice to use this website.

The easiest way to use this site is by its search function. A search form is available at the top navigation bar from almost every page on this site. Please enter the gene, disease, or symptome you want to learn about, and browse the results.

An enhanced search page is available as well.

The left side icon navigation bar provides some frequently used shortcut links.

The disease menu entry allows you to explore a hierarchy of diseases to narrow down your search.

The gene menu entry provides a list of genes for which tests are available. Use this if you looking for some more specific information on a particular gene.

The support menu entry provides a structured list of documents on some technical content. Use this entry if you are looking for some detailed information on sample requirements, shipment instructions, quality control, and many more.

Use the webmail form for any more specific questions.

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