Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics
Center for Nephrology and Metabolic Disorders

The rapid development in the area of the molecular medicine has the consequence that the offer on our sites constantly extends. Please have a look quite soon again.


If you select Symptoms from the top menu, you receive an alphabetic list of selected symptoms relevant to hereditary diseases tested by our laboratory.

It is practicable to click the button Diseases to get a list of conditions for which we offer molecular genetic analyses. You can browse this list in alphabetic or systematic order.

In the category Genes you find all molecular genetic tests listed. Sorted alphabetically by gene acronyms or gene names.

At Shipment you will find information how to ship a sample, including downloadable forms and a step-by-step instruction.

Clicking on Sample reveals a short guidance how to obtain and handle specimens.

You may want to reach us personally by telephone, fax or email, so use Contact.

Our efforts efforts to improve quality and promote research are outlined in the Quality section.

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