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T-box transcription factor TBX18

The TBX18 gene encodes a transcription factor that is active during embryonic development. Mutations cause autosomal dominant congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract 2 (CAKUT2).


Clinic Method Carrier testing
Turnaround 5 days
Specimen type genomic DNA
Research Method Genomic sequencing of the entire coding region
Turnaround 25 days
Specimen type genomic DNA

Related Diseases:

Congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract 2



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Cai CL et al. (2008) A myocardial lineage derives from Tbx18 epicardial cells.

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Wiese C et al. (2009) Formation of the sinus node head and differentiation of sinus node myocardium are independently regulated by Tbx18 and Tbx3.

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